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Zoe Rosi is a thriller author based in the UK.


She is the author of eight novels. Her first six are romantic comedies, at which point she rebelled against the genre and penned a thriller about a vigilante serial killer of predatory men.

This novel, Pretty Evil, is inspired by American Psycho and features a sociopathic murderer called Camilla Black, who is as stylish as she is vengeful, juggling a day job as a fashion magazine editor with her darker pursuits.

Pretty Evil was first published in 2020, at the height of MeToo, and was the first in the 'glamourous and funny killer of bad men' books, now a popular trope. The novel has been praised in the press, being described as 'an erotic murder thriller for the MeToo generation... a must-read' by Daily Express and as 'the ultimate revenge story' by The Independent.

Someone’s Watching Me is Zoe’s second thriller. In January 2024, her third psychological thriller, a novella called Courier was published. Courier is about a creepy courier called Bob who becomes obsessed with a woman on his delivery route.

Zoe's romantic comedies are published under the pen name, Zoe May.


‘Utterly unputdownable, the novel is not only complexly plotted but lyrically written, with vivid and striking lines that will linger in the reader’s mind.’

Daily Express

‘A kick-ass, sociopathic anti-heroine with a razor-sharp mind and an insatiable appetite for revenge: all the ingredients for a jaw-clenching, gritty, roller-coaster of a read.’

Carol Wyer, bestselling author of the DI Kate Young series

‘Dexter in stilettos. One of the best books I have read this year. Simply outstanding.’

Keri Beevis, bestselling author of Dying To Tell and Trust No One

‘Tantalizing and heart-pounding from page one, Zoe Rosi's Pretty Evil is intelligent, steamy, and a wild ride.’

Roger Canaff, award-winning author of City Dark


'The ultimate revenge story.'

The Independent

‘Oh-my-word! A seriously dark, explicit, no-holds-barred novel that will send shivers down your spine!’

Noelle Holten, bestselling author of Dead Inside and Dead Wrong

‘Camilla is the new Villanelle, a character you know you shouldn’t love but you can’t help yourself! A delicious tale of revenge which left me wanting more.’

Gemma Rogers, bestselling author of Stalker and The Feud

‘Dark, twisted and satisfying.’

JA Andrews, bestselling author of Let Him In and Mummy's Boy

'Camilla considers her actions a public service, and there are plenty of readers – mostly female I imagine – who will agree with her... I hesitate to say this is a fun read but vicariously punishing predators via Camilla has its merits and I certainly enjoyed it.'

 AM Scanlon, The Sunday Independent

‘Rosi fires on all cylinders in this stylish erotic thriller. A dark, hugely enjoyable read that had me rooting for the cold-blooded killer.’

G.D. Abson, bestselling author of Motherland and Black Wolf

‘Rosi has created an anti-heroine for the modern age.…Intriguing and compulsive, Pretty Evil is a must read for all thriller fans.'

Matt Brolly, bestselling author of the Detective Louise Blackwood series

'The revenge book we all need...What you might get if Sophie Kinsella and Steven King decided to collaborate - a pretty Prada bag filled with severed body parts'


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